Rutgers Center for Real Estate Scholarship Program

The Rutgers Center for Real Estate may make available a limited number of scholarships each semester to students with a declared minor or concentration in Real Estate.

New recipients announced soon.

2016 Recipients:
Graduate Students                       Undergraduate Students
Jonathan Anthony                        Jose Anasicha
Alex Berniz                                   Maria Burgos
Giuseppe Capristo                       David Choi
Nathaniel Chase                          Richa Desai
Owen Christensen
Ken Gold
Gary Payne

Rutgers Center for Real Estate pioneers the curriculum that broadens the foundation for inspiring the next generation of industry leaders. Our powerful approach offers courses of study that are not only relevant in the real world, but are shaped by your unique interests.
The Center has developed a rigorous curriculum for undergraduate and graduate studies focused on three areas of competencies.

  • Real estate business fundamentals: Integrated with general business concepts and practices at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • “Change-ready” leaders: People going through the Center will have the necessary skills and competencies in order to creatively adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  • The power of diversity: Embracing diversity that helps generate and create emerging, transformational real estate solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Meet The Next Generation of Industry Leaders:

Rutgers Center for Real Estate students positioned to become the next generation of leaders carrying the lessons learned at Rutgers into long and successful careers. The Center prides itself on placing students at some of the most prestigious companies in the fields of real estate, finance, and public policy.

Undergraduate curriculum

Undergraduate requirements

MBA curriculum

MBA requirements

For more information, contact the Rutgers Center for Real Estate.

Rutgers Center for Real Estate: Real Estate at Rutgers
Rutgers Center for Real Estate: Real Estate at Rutgers