Is it back to the future or go the way of Japan? Thursday, April 19 Julia Coronado The Congressional Budget Office finally released its annual 10-year outlook, and the news isn’t good. Factoring everything in, the ratio of federal debt to GDP may exceed post-WWII peaks by 2028. Rising debt servicing burdens could force the Fed to hold rates down by expanding its balance sheet. But Japan offers a cautionary tale. More...
Urban Revival
Housing market regulation, part III: A closer look at supply-side reform Thursday, April 12 Stephen Malpezzi This third post on the supply side of the housing market examines how to get regulatory issues “right,” so our citizens will not continue to suffer both higher housing costs and reduced mobility. We’ll also lay out regulatory “do’s and don’ts” to address externalities and other market failures without unnecessarily raising costs. More...
Why rising short-term borrowing costs are a constraint not a crisis Thursday, April 5 Julia Coronado The recent jump in London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) borrowing rates has garnered attention given the role the benchmark rate for business and consumer borrowing played as an early warning indicator of the global financial crisis (GFC). Today we explore the drivers of the current hikes and conclude Libor is not sending a signal... More...
Urban Revival
A risky proposal with the potential to harm the intended beneficiaries Thursday, March 29 Morris A. Davis The proposed $15 hourly minimum wage will affect nearly 20% of New Jersey’s full-time workforce. Yet it could reduce lower-wage employment by more than 5.5%, destroy 20,000+ full-time lower-wage jobs and effectively tax 80% of all workers an added 1.5%. More tax burden in an already high-tax state, it deserves debate not rushed legislation. More...
Urban Revival
Housing market regulation part II: Costs and benefits Thursday, March 22 Stephen Malpezzi Today’s second of three posts on the supply side of the housing market examines how regulation, geography, the community’s choice of regulatory environment and other factors affect outcomes – prices and quantities of housing, benefits to consumers and their neighbors and spillovers to the broader economy. More...

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